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Amirr's 2016 Resolutions

Amirr's 2016 Resolutions


Due to a client's request, I shall write my first ever 2016 resolutions. I just realised that most of the years, I have been verbally doing my resolutions. I hope by reading my resolutions, you can keep up to your resolutions as well. Anything can be done if you want it to be done. It is achievable.

1. What: I shall improve my entire back development; width and thickness.

My back have been my greatest weakness in my entire Bodybuilding life. Due to my structure, I need to improve my side deltoids too. Lastly, my arms. I aimed to have a 'U' shaped triceps and a peaked biceps at the end of 2016.

How: I shall drop my weights, put my ego aside and return back to basics. Going to reset my muscle-mind connection for my back, shoulders and arms.

2. What: Gonna eat more food than usual to increase my calorie intake per day.

How: Shall drink a 500-1000 calories fruit smoothie protein shake 1 hour after my main meal.

3. What: To stay lean and maintain my abs even I am not competing for the year 2016.

How: Gonna stick to all my meals just like how I did for my contest diet. Nothing changes. Reduce the amount of cheat meal eaten outside and cook more cheat meal at home. Lastly, to keep up my interval sprints at least 1-2x a week.

4. What: To help as many young fitness enthusiasts to achieve what they want in life and to give back what I can share with them.

How: Going to launch my first ever Squat Hypertrophy Workshop in 17th January 2016 then in the subsequent month; 1x every month. Weekly tips through social media about health and fitness in general, of course, bodybuilding.

6. What: My own house will be ready in January 2016. Hence, to build it in beach theme.

How: After so many years of waiting and dreaming of my dream house, I get to do it very soon. Yeah. No TV in the house. Only a piano, guitar in that area and a whole lot of space to chill with a main Sofa and bean bags around. Absolutely magnificent.

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